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First Aid Training - Learn How to Correctly Perform CPR

By all means, CPR is regarded as one of the most excellent tools in saving lives. Through time, it has saved millions of lives and has been in existence for hundreds of years in a row now. The thing is that the present and advanced CPR method has not been taught until the conclusion of the 1970s. Yet even before, CPR was already thought of as the artificial respiration and the chest compressions that are meant to save the life of a person in case that his heart has stopped with its normal routine of beating. This then calls for the necessity of going under the first aid training as one vital knowledge that is very essential during emergency cases.

The Misconceptions Revealed

There are series of misconceptions that have something to do with CPR. This is mainly due to the movies and television shows that influence the viewing public. There are several shows nowadays that feature hospital environments and the projection of CPR has been taken into a more dramatic level. However, this leaves a wrong impression on how the CPR is done.

So how is CPR done in the right way?

At any rate, CPR is not always glamorous. Yes, this is a technique that can save a life but for it to stick to the mission, one who performs it should know how to do it the right way. Take a look at these steps.

Try to awaken the victim. You can do this by rubbing your knuckles against his chest using a brisk movement. Any movement or moan means that CPR doesn't have to be employed.

When the victim does not show any signs of movement, better check if he is breathing. If he is not, then you should tilt his head back so you can lift his chin. You can also check if he is breathing by means of putting your ear and then your cheek to his mouth. Also take a look at his chest. Pinch the victim's nose then put your mouth over his. If a CPR mask is available, then you may use it. Give a breath for a second, allow his chest to fall, and then give another second for his breath and then let the chest fall again.

Chest compressions should be done in the middle portion of the chest. The heel of your one hand must be interlaced with your other hand's fingers. The compressions need to be approximately one and a half up to 2 inches in depth. Do 30 compressions with each taking no less than one second. However, be sure that the chest rises prior to the next compression.

Do these steps over and over again until the person starts breathing again or when the medical team arrives.

Sign Up for a Basic Course

Of course, this is easier read than done. If you are already handling a real-life situation then it may be harder. For you to be more than confident and capable, take up a course. A formal training will educate you on how CPR work, why it works, and how you can let it work. There is a dummy doll employed so you can practice and treat it like a normal human victim. The first aid training on CPR is not too costly.

After the completion of the course, you will receive your CPR license card. Courses are offered by the medical and health related institutions so you have a lot of choices too.


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